I could just list a bunch of resources, but, although there is certainly no shortage of excellent content on the topic, there’s a reason I’m not doing that.

Hear me out. I’ve had this conversation over and over — each time with the same disappointing result:

  1. Person X and I talk about work.
  2. Person X expresses their desire to learn Machine Learning.
  3. I explain what my from-scratch approach would be today: jump straight in by understanding a single form of Machine Learning, preferably the one that has been receiving all the hype: a Neural Network (NN). …

A must-read if you haven’t heard of Windows Gestures

I was one of those who never really believed in touchpads. One of my Thinkpad’s USB ports was dedicated to my Func MS-3 with its every-finger-has-a-home ergonomics and programmable buttons. I could do everything a regular mouse can plus switch and close both tabs and windows — what more could one expect to be able to do with one hand?

This thing truly hugs your hand

However, this beauty has been collecting dust since I discovered what’s possible with Windows Gestures and Microsoft Precision drivers.

Note that, for Windows Gestures to work, your laptop needs to support Microsoft Precision touchpad drivers. Most recent laptops come with…

Before leaving for China, I found many articles promising to list the “Top 10 Must-Have Apps for China”. While these lists certainly lead me in the right direction, I still can’t find an absolute winner; an all-in-one article that lists everything you’ll definitely be used day-to-day minus any apps that turn out to be useless for a foreigner. I wonder if this has to do with authors prioritizing the number of apps (such as 10 or 20; for title purposes) over the apps themselves and whether each author had actually tried the apps they recommended in China itself. …

Chrisjan Wust

Tech-optimist looking for a place where recent advancements change an industry. One day I’d like to create such a place myself. For now, I’m an ML Engineer.

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